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The management team at safe+MDS™ were formerly involved as owners and managers of a local client Care Home.  safe+MDS™ was developed as a collaboration between the pharmacy professionals of Lindsay Pharmacy Ltd, and the former management team of that Care Home.  Back then, we faced the same risk management and Care Quality Commission compliance challenges you face today.


In 2006, the Commission for Social Care Inspection, then chaired by Dame Denise Platt, published a damning report which revealed the scale of the risk to which residents, managers and owners of Care Homes were exposed. 


Dame Denise stated that...

Giving people the right medicine, in the right doses, at the right time is critical… It is vital that all care homes treat this issue with the utmost seriousness.


The report’s key recommendation was for better training for Care Home staff to improve safety.  And, while everyone at safe MDS™ supported this, we knew that Care Home staff are generally highly qualified, experienced and diligent individuals.  More training was not the answer.


Safe MDS believed then, and still believe now, that a more fundamental necessity was a significant improvement in the systems associated with the distribution of medicines in Care Homes.


Experienced in running, and supplying medicines to, Care Comes, we were all too aware of the risk to which care home owners and pharmacists were exposed, to say nothing of the potentially tragic consequences for Care Home residents and their families, in the event of an error.


And we believed that we could offer a more practical solution which, alongside training, would offer a genuine advance in medication distribution safety.


First we listened: to the Care Home managers responsible for distributing medication every day; to the Care Home owners at risk of litigation should something go wrong; and then to senior health care executives who were starting to talk about safety and protocols in a new and surprising way.


Increasingly, key figures in the health service are beginning to view the rigorous protocols already integral to aviation safety as the way forward for health care.  The architect of the safe+MDS™ system, Roger Button, had more than 30 years experience as an aviation safety expert.  With this expertise, and the growing tide of medical opinion advocating the use of aviation safety protocols, we set-out to develop a medication distribution system to meet these meticulous safety standards. 


But our real break-through came when we began to look at ways of more safely identifying the right person to receive the right medicine, in the right doses, at the right time. 


It seems obvious with hindsight.  But like all truly great innovations, it is obvious only after you have been shown it.  Yet today, the highly personalised, photo-labelling system developed by safe+MDS™ remains unique.  



With increasing numbers of Care Homes adopting safe+MDS™ and numerous CQC Inspection reports praising the system in operation at safe+MDS™ client Care Homes, we are growing rapidly, and new product development, which will offer further support to Care Homes, is well under way.


Contact us to find out how Safe MDS could help keep your residents safe today and your Care Home compliant both now and in the future.