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    November 2007

Hi there , we hope the cold weather isn’t getting to you – don’t worry it’s nearly Christmas!!

As regular readers know, this will be our last full edition of the Studio 2 Online newsletter for 2007. Next month you will receive our Christmas e-card game in place of the newsletter and believe us it’s a cracker – excuse the pun! So onto the news……….

  •  Christmas e-card game offer extended
  • My Cases System a Success!
  • Recruitment drive over for 2007 - welcome new team members.
  • Christmas opening times.
  • News Alert - Important to all trading online - MUST READ
  • Wine Tasting Experience
  • Up close & Personal
  • Sasha's web advice
Christmas e-card game offer extended!
For one week only, (until December 3rd) our Christmas e-card games are still available to order; so if you want to save time, money and effort, call us and ask about our alternatives to paper cards. 
  • Avoid high postage costs
  • Delivered instantly
  • Less than an hour to organise
  • Eco-friendly
  • Usually sent on to at least 3 friends, colleagues or associates – can you get your company name in front of all those people with a paper card?
But you need to be quick! - Call 0116 2758456 today quoting: EnewsNov07

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The My Cases system a success.
If you don’t already use it, or have no idea how to, get in touch on: 0116 2495319 because we are pleased to say that since its launch, those clients that are using the My Cases system are delighted with it.
The system allows our clients to raise a case, whether that’s a change, a bug, or a support question, then depending which SLA (Service Level Agreement) they have with us and the severity of the issue, a target resolution time is set. 
Once a case has been raised, notification is sent to the client by email, detailing the date and time the case will be resolved. 
Should the developer or technician require any further information about the case, they will be in touch via email and request an e-mail response. 
This type of correspondence allows the Technical Team Leader, (Gareth) and the newly appointed Project Manager,  (Tina) complete access to the details and progress of any case at any point during the process, resulting in a better and more efficient service for all.
So, if you aren’t yet using the system, please contact us on 0116 2495319 to find out your user name and password.
Recruitment drive almost over - for this year anyway.
Studio 2 Online would like to officially welcome our newest members of the team. As you all know we have been scouring the county for the best talent on offer to fill our vacancies and help 2008 become Studio 2’s best ever and by Jove, I think we’ve done it!
Welcome to:
Tina Brown – Project Manager
Tina comes from Voice Connect Ltd where she worked for the last ten years; six years as a technical support engineer and the last 4 years as project manager and procurement coordinator. 
Tina is a keen photographer and DIY enthusiast, so she’s definitely our Bob the Builder as Tina will be managing all existing and new projects – Can she do it? Yes she can! Her appointment will help to free up more of the account managers time to make them more available to you. 

Gareth Winterton – Technical Team Leader
Gareth has 7 years experience in development and for the past 2 years has worked on an online solution on behalf of The Carphone Warehouse as a senior Developer/Team Leader.  In what little spare time Gareth has, he enjoys badminton, football and cars.
Gareth's role is to manage the development team and liase with the project manager to ensure that all project deadlines are met at all times, which I am sure you will all agree is superb news!
In our quest to dramatically improve our Client support, Gareth will be taking on the responsibility for the support team. Therefore if you have any concerns regarding the level of support you are receiving, or would like to discuss a specific case, then please raise them with Gareth.
Andy Babic – Junior Web Developer
Andy graduated with first class honours from De Montfort University in May 2006, and has since been gaining experience in the industry by working for a busy design agency in Nottingham. A keen reader and self-confessed film addict, he also enjoys music, fine food and a good bottle of red wine!
Andy will help our design team with new and existing projects and his addition will really make a difference to the time taken to turn a project around.

Andy Kinnard – Marketing Manager
Andy comes to us with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, the last six years in senior marketing management positions. With eight children you would think he has no time for anything else, but he manages to squeeze in interests in family history research, local church activity, music and his beloved Irish Terrier, as well as supporting West Ham and the New England Patriots.
Andy will continue to develop Studio 2 Online’s marketing strategy to keep existing and new clients fully aware of the products and services we can offer to maximize their own online business opportunities.

coffee breakCoffee Break.
Crazy Nut

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Christmas Opening Times. 
Studio 2 Online will be closed from December 21st until January 2nd 2008. 
But don’t worry if you have an active support contract and you urgently require support whilst our office is closed. Please call the support line: 0116 2495319 and there will be someone available to take your call.
Change in legislation for all e-Commerce stores - you may be liable for credit card fraud.
We emailed everyone about this important issue earlier this year, but we thought we’d give you all a reminder.
As from January 2008 a change in legislation will see any holder of credit card details liable for any fraudulent activity on the card. This will affect any e-Commerce store that does not use a payment gateway. If you continue to take card details to be processed offline, this may result in you being liable for any fraudulent transactions. 
This change in legislation is a result of an increase in credit card fraud online, and is designed to protect the card issuers from liability. Therefore, if you take card details online and those card details are subsequently stolen and used for fraudulent transactions, for example on a PDQ machine, you the merchant not only loose the item you’ve despatched, but you may well be charged by the card issuer for the fraud.
In response to this change Studio 2 Online will no longer offer e-Commerce stores without a payment gateway. In addition, as from December 1st 2007 we have no choice but to remove the facility to debit cards offline for all current e-commerce stores not using a payment gateway. This is because we, as the software provider, will also be liable for any fraudulent transactions. 
For those stores that are currently not using a payment gateway, the set up of such a system can take up to 6 weeks, so please contact your account manager as soon as possible on 0116 758456 for further information on what to do to ensure that you can avoid online crime and its consequences.

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Thanks to those that attended our Wine Tasting Event
This was hosted on 8th November at our new office on King Street, aided by Ravi of Ravi’s wine. We would like to thank everyone who attended and helped to make the night one that we can’t wait to repeat!
Attended by clients past and present and friends of Studio 2 Online, the night was one of laughs and education. A special thank you to Ravi who brought with him some delightful wine for us all to savour.
The night was the perfect office warming for our new home and it was fantastic to see so many of you.

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Up Close & Personal
This month’s Up Close & Personal introduces Matt Ots, Senior Web Developer. Some say he arrived on this earth in a freak meteorite storm, some say he glows in the dark, all we know is…….he’s the Ots!

M: What’s your favourite film? 
It’s got to be Lord Of The Rings really. An ambition of mine is to watch all 3 extended editions back to back – maybe when I’ve got about a week with nothing else to do! Perhaps I should wait until they do The Hobbit and then I can take a year off to watch the lot!! On a rather different note, 
I think the funniest film ever made is Johnny English, but then not many people seem to share my childish sense of humour!

M: What is a passion of yours/hobbies?  
 A few years ago I would have said web design, but I guess you can’t really call it a hobby when you do it for a living can you? To be honest though, when you’re sat in front of a computer screen all day long you tend to want to do something a bit different in your spare time. For me that means music, photography, model making, reading, watching TV… nothing too strenuous!

M: Who are you inspired by? 
 Hmmm, not sure about that one. I was only expecting to have to answer questions like ‘What’s your favourite colour?’!
M: Pet Peave? 
 People who play music on their mobile phones at the back of the bus. For goodness sake go and buy yourself some headphones!!!
M: Songs on your MP3?  
All sorts. Coldplay, U2, Muse, Joss Stone, Norah Jones, Vaughan-Williams, Bach… Mind you, having listed it as one of my hobbies I can’t actually remember the last time I properly listened to any music except to drown out the rubbish someone was playing at the back of the bus! Having trained as a musician, listening to any kind of music is a serious business – I’ve got to give it my full attention; ‘background music’ really does my head in!
M: Last thing that made you laugh out loud - keep it clean!  
England vs. Croatia – sorry, but what else is there to say?!
M: What are your aspirations?   
To make my fortune in web design and retire at 35. Yeah right!!!! What is this – a job interview?
M: If you were a superhero, who would you be?  
 I’m not sure I like the idea of being a superhero – being on 24 hour call to save the world would get a bit much after a while I think! Does Shrek count?!!
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Sasha's Web advice 
With the season of goodwill almost upon us it’s the time of year when you start to unwind, pick your frock for the Christmas party and talk about work a lot more on your blog. But are you making a HUGE mistake that could lead to a P45?
Well, according to an article I read on last week, that is exactly what some people are doing. By posting information about their employer, workplace or colleagues they could risk dismissal and worse they could be taken to court!
The article says, “Human resources firm Croner commissioned YouGov to ask employees if they kept a personal blog and, if so, what information they post. Of those who keep a blog, 39% admitted that they had posted details which could be potentially sensitive or damaging about their place of work, employer or a colleague.”
That’s a scary figure when you think about the number of people sitting in your office! Imagine 39% of them being dismissed for gross misconduct because of a blog?
The article warns, “If there is a negative impact on the organisation’s corporate image which is so serious that it breaches the implied term of mutual trust and confidence, the employee could be dismissed for gross misconduct.”
So beware posting information about who snogs who at the Christmas party this year, because it may cause you, rather those involved, more than just embarrassment – it could result in a P45!
Blog safe, be drink aware and have a fantastic Christmas and I will be back next year, another year wiser and with plenty more hot tips on how to successfully conduct yourself and your business online!
Merry Christmas!
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