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April 06 Newsletter

Welcome to Studio 2 Online's April newsletter!

This month's features >

June technology workshop

Young Enterprise success

Case Study: Central Systems

Partner Spotlight: JWMC

New search engine specialist

Free Hot Yoga

EU domain launched

Sasha's Web Advice

Case Study: Mobility Batteries


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  June Business Technology Workshop

On June 7th 2006, Studio 2 Online will be hosting a business technology workshop in conjunction with two strategic partners in telecoms and IT looking at "How to get the most from technology". Topics will include:

  • How to choose a website design agency & how to write an effective website design brief
  • Are you being ripped off by your telecom supplier & what is the best deal?

There will be a morning and afternoon session with refreshments provided. Pre-registration is free, but places are limited so book now to avoid disappointment. Our PR agency, Headstorm, are co-ordinating bookings. To book your place please call them on 0870 170 9697.

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  Case Study: Central Systems & Automation Ltd.

Autostore logo

Central Systems & Automation Ltd., based in north Leicestershire, are one of the UK's leading software developers and systems integrators. Founded in 1988, they design, develop and implement Autostore – an advanced software product for the intermodal and logistics industries.

The company already had an existing suite of websites, but felt that the standard was not high enough to fully reflect their level of professionalism.

Studio 2 redesigned and amalgamated these sites into one new website. The client was keen for the site to be attractive but not showy or over designed. We took our cue for the new design from their existing printed materials, creating an easy to navigate interface with a smart, corporate feel.

"Studio 2 Online were great throughout the whole process. Their project team quickly gained a thorough understanding of our requirements and delivered on time"
Andrew McKaig, Managing Director

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  Studio 2 Online Welcomes New Team Member!

We are delighted to be able to welcome the latest addition to the Studio 2 Online team – Elaine Clay. Elaine will be taking on full-time responsibility for Search Engine Promotion (SEP), maintaining and expanding our ongoing SEP programme and helping to boost your search engine positions in order to increase enquiries and sales.

Elaine has years of search engine promotion experience, successfully managing and promoting a portfolio of websites.

Swan Careers Recruitment Agency were responsible for sourcing Elaine. Not content with simply doing their job well, they even made us all cakes!! Now that’s what we call service!

Visit the Swan Careers website at:

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  EU Domain Launched

On 7th April the new .eu web domain was launched. Already over 1.6 million .eu domain names have been registered but there are still plenty more still available, so don't waste this opportunity to snap up a .eu domain for your business.

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Test your car parking skills!

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  Case Study: Mobility Scooter Batteries

Mobility Batteries logo

Mobility Scooter Batteries are an online retailer of replacement batteries for mobility scooters, golf buggies, wheel chairs and other mobility appliances.

Having previously worked with another local web design company but come away disappointed with the standard of work and service, the client came to Studio 2 Online to have their existing e-commerce website redesigned.

We were asked to produce a high quality design for the site, with an easy to read, easy to use layout and a simple, secure purchasing and checkout process.

The client's existing logo provided a strong visual basis for the design. A drop-down battery finder is included on every page enabling visitors to quickly and easily find the right battery for their scooter or wheelchair.

We are delighted to say that following the successful completion of this website the client has now commissioned us to design and develop another new website for them and has also asked us to embark on a 12 month search engine promotion campaign.

"I have used 4 web designers now in 15 months and have been unhappy to a large extent with them all. I view Studio 2 as more expensive than most but I have found things to be well worth it. Communication is king and you do it well... and your designs are superb."
Paul Kyte, Managing Director

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  Young Enterprise Success

Congratulations to SPARK, a group of students from Leicester Grammar School who have just won through to the regional finals of a national Young Enterprise competition by designing and selling advertising space in the programme for the school play.

Young Enterprise offers young people the opportunity to learn about aspects of business through hands on experience including running their own business enterprises.

As SPARK's business advisor, Giles Button has played a key role in coaching the group to their latest success.

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  Partner Spotlight: JWMC

In this, the first of a new monthly feature, we are pleased to introduce valued partners JWMC.

JWMC provide a high quality, professional copywriting service. Their clients include all sizes of enterprise including high profile national corporates such as BT, Powergen, O2, NEC and Brakes Brothers.

Using a professional copywriter ensures that your website content encapsulates the message you want to communicate to your customers or target audience in a crisp, lively and enagaging manner.

Visit the JWMC website at

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  Free Hot Yoga for Studio 2 Team!

At Studio 2 Online we recognise that healthy minds and bodies mean improved performance and output at work, which has a direct benefit to our clients. In light of this, we have recently made available to all our staff free yoga sessions with Bikram Yoga, Leicester.

Bikram yoga is practiced in a heated room in order to stimulate the body systems and reduce muscle strain leading to injury.

Giles commented, "If I'm honest I never really fancied yoga, however I have to say that even after just 2 weeks I feel fantastic. Don't get me wrong the class is hard work, but the results are well worth it!"

We are delighted to announce that Studio 2 Online have just been commissioned to re-develop the website for Bikram Yoga.

For more information visit:

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Have a 'smashing' time!

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  Sasha's Web Advice: Market Segmentation

This month I’ve mostly been thinking about food! No big surprise really I suppose, but it may surprise you to know that dog food is a very good place to start when thinking about market segmentation!

Whether or not you own a dog, you’ve all seen dog food adverts on the telly. Think about it for a moment – are all dog food adverts alike? No. Why? Because not all dogs are alike. And the advertisers know that. So while one ad features a cuddly little highland terrier, another will feature an energetic Labrador. It’s the same with cat food ads – you have the mischievous tabby, the cute kitten, etc.

And that, in a nutshell, is market segmentation - not 'one product fits all', but products being marketed at specific sectors (or segments) of the population (in our example, the pet population... but you get my drift!)

So how does all this relate to you and your business? And most importantly, why should you care?

In a word, customers! Your customers come in all shapes and sizes and so if you want to connect with any of them – to sell a product or promote a service – you need to be able to communicate with them in their language. Obviously knowing whether your customers speak English or Mongolian is a good start, but it goes much further than this. You need to consider age, gender, socioeconomic status, lifestyle, personality… I could go on.

Understanding who your customer is and how they tick is crucial if you want to successfully target them with your marketing.

A good example is the LPR Mortgages website. Notice how the site is split into sections based on target audience – first time buyers, home movers, buy to let investors, people looking to remortgage, etc. The whole structure of the site is based around these different groups. This is a prime example of market segmentation.

If you structure your marketing, including your website, in this way, you will find that you are able to connect with your audience far better than if all you do is generalise. People have specific needs and most people searching the web will be looking for something in particular. They’re not interested in general ideas or sweeping statements – they want answers to the questions they are asking, and they want to find what they’re looking for... as quickly and easily as possible.

So, to summarise then:

  • Know your customers and speak their language.
  • Structure your website – and indeed, your whole approach – around their needs.
  • Target specific and identifiable groups of people.
  • Find out what makes them tick, what questions they are asking, what defines them in terms of the products and services you offer.

To find out how Studio 2 Online can help you do this more effectively in your online marketing, contact us today.

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